Lula’s Chocolates

It all Starts with Lula

Lula Lund was born in rural Wyoming in 1901. She learned the art of confectionery from the home economics teacher, who boarded at her family’s home. After getting married and moving to Salt Lake City, Lula began to sell chocolates under the brand name Mrs. Lund’s Personality Chocolates. Everything was made with love from the small candy kitchen located in her basement. Lula continued to sell chocolates for thirty years until she retired.

Teaching the Next Generation

After retiring, Lula continued to make chocolates for friends and family for the holidays. As she got older, her grandson Scott frequently visited Lula to carry the heavy copper kettles and help with other tasks. During each visit, Scott learned more and more from his grandmother about the art of confectionery. After Lula passed away at the age of 99, Scott continued the tradition of making chocolates for friends and family during the holiday season.

From Mrs. Lund’s
to Lula’s

In February 2002, a friend in the Governor’s office asked Scott to provide chocolates for several opening and closing ceremony events during the Winter Olympic Games held in Salt Lake City. The chocolates were a huge hit, and many people encouraged Scott to sell his confections. After deciding he could make this a business, Scott relocated his family in 2004 to Carmel, California — a scenic location with “chocolate weather” all year round — and opened for business in November 2006. Scott renamed the business to Lula’s Chocolates as a tribute to his grandmother who started it all.

Who We Are Today

Today, Lula’s Chocolates is based in Monterey, California with retail stores in Carmel. Our products are sold by many local vendors on the Monterey Peninsula, as well as in grocery stores along the West Coast such as Whole Foods Market, Mollie Stone’s Market, and Nugget Markets. We also ship online orders via FedEx anywhere in the United States.

Lula’s original recipes are at the heart of everything we make, and we do our best to carry on her legacy with the best ingredients to create the world’s premium gift chocolate.

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