Dutch Door Donuts

The Dutch Door Donuts Story: We will set the bar very high and our business will be built on quality, getting as close to 100% organic as possible, featuring local businesses & farmers, and taking all the feedback to heart so we can serve you the BEST DONUTS & COFFEE on the Coast.

Where did the name come from – If you have ever been to the hamlet of Carmel by the Sea you will notice rather quickly that the majority of the cottages and shops have Dutch Doors. One of the daughters in our families one day said “What about Dutch Door Donuts?” and the rest is history.

Why Donuts & Coffee – We simply say Why Not? Everyone loves donuts, and our goal is to create the best donuts on the peninsula and Central Coast of California. Another reason for creating this concept was to make a cup of coffee that locals, and visitors to peninsula will be raving about long after finishing the cup. We believe our coffee will do just that. We noticed a void in the area and are excited to bring a new and exciting concept to life in Carmel.

How did you come up with the concept – If you know any of the families involved in Dutch Door Donuts, then you know that we have all spent many weekends, over many years at dance competitions… giving us time to dream this up while our girls danced. We all agreed that Carmel and the Peninsula needed something that is a destination shop and statement, that is known for its quality, creativity and service. The talk at all these dance competitions was the need for something different than the norm. What started as a small discussion about Carmel by the Sea needing a Coffee & Donut shop, quickly morphed into vision boards, and The Bunch’s, Schlenker’s, & Whitman’s getting together to make the donuts. What we would consider the highlight quotes from these gatherings are “I don’t eat donuts often, but I would eat these every day of my life!”, “OMG where have these been all my life?” “How many of these do you think we can eat today?”. The reactions made for some great excitement and propelled us forward.

What do you want people to think and talk about after visiting Dutch Door Donuts – The service everyone receives is impeccable and seeing how hard the staff works to make sure the coffee & donuts are perfect is remarkable.

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